KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog-

Trying to make xmas perfect:

1 You try and make the presents 🎁 look perfect with matching ribbons and bows. Don’t bother! People get aggravated when there’s too much tape and they can’t open the present.
2 You are spinning out of control with stress and yelling at everyone. They are this close to returning your presents and spending xmas with someone else.
3 You spend so much time making the season perfect that you miss enjoying it.
4 You are taking so many pictures that you will need to look at them to remember the day.
5 You make the perfect meal only for some guests to show up late and say they ate. Hold your breath and count to ten.
6 Your kid opens up their gift as you wait in anticipation and have the nerve to say, “Why did you buy me this?”
7 One of your guests came with an attitude and is trying to ruin the day. Don’t bother coming next year.
8 You worked so hard and are sick on xmas. In the bedroom you go.
9 You are so excited to spend family time with everyone. Unfortunately their noses are stuck in their phones.
10 The last present is opened and your kids look disappointed. Is that it? Makes you really want to pay the credit card bills.

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