KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog –

Rushing around for xmas:

1 It’s only a week away? It snuck up on me this year!
2 I always say next year I am going to wrap a little bit at a time. I’m a liar because I have to wrap everything all at once. Again.
3 Your kid wants the new Xbox and you don’t want to disappoint. You consider shady deals in alleyways to have the gift for xmas. Your kid reduced you to a thug.
4 You think you are done until your friend tells you about something they hate and that something is what you bought them for xmas. Exchange!
5 You are paying top dollar for gifts because you procrastinated.
6 The one time you buy a gift ahead of time, that person is no longer part of the family. Never again.
7 You drank too much xmas eve. Now you have to put something together for your kid and there are a million pieces. Very funny.
8 You are done shopping for your kid. Or so you think. The week before xmas, they see something on television that they really want for xmas. Out you go.
9 You waited too long to make cookies. After baking all day you realize that you better stick to your day job.
10 The days are flying by and your package hasn’t arrived. You pray every night and track your package every hour online. Psst… it isn’t going to get there any faster.

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