KC AVALON’S Funny Top Ten Blog


1 People wrap while drinking wine and listening to music. Instead of feeling relaxed, I feel like a king cobra 🐍 ready to strike.
2 You wrap the gift and then the paper rips. What is this? Some kind of twisted joke?
3 You are wrapping gifts for the kids and forget who it’s for or what it is. Now you have to open it to see. Merry xmas to me.
4 You try so hard to make the wrapping look good. Instead it looks like it fell off the back of a truck.
5 You realize you have more gifts for one kid than the other. Out to the store you go.
6 You would rather use gift bags but your kids want to open gifts. Of course you do!
7 You buy gift cards to avoid wrapping.
8 You finally get in the groove and run out of tape.
9 You have to wrap a weird shaped gift and your kid guesses what it is before unwrapping it. Why did I even bother?
10 You feel like you are doing floor exercises when you wrap and have trouble getting up. Everything hurts. All of that work and the paper flies and is off in minutes. Take your time! Do you know what I went through?

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