KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

Making a mess

1 You open a box of cereal and the contents fly all over the place.
2 You talk with your hands and knock over a glass of wine. Why couldn’t it be water?
3 You go to the beach and clean off the sand as best as you can. Unfortunately, it manages to get everywhere and you keep finding it for weeks.
4 There is a hole in the trash bag. After you throw it away, you come back inside and there is a trail of liquid leading through the house.
5 You open a package that has styrofoam packing peanuts. They are impossible to get rid of and get static cling.
6 You take out the eggs and one drops on the floor and breaks.
7 You dye your own hair to save money but second guess the idea after seeing the dye in the tub, on the floor, in the sink and everywhere but your head.
8 You wash the dog and he runs out of the tub and through the house. Your house looks like a car wash.
9 You try to empty the shredder and end up with a pile of paper that looks like a haystack on your floor.
10 You are painting in a tight spot and step in the paint tray. Foot painting anyone? 🐾

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