KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog


1 Every time you wear white, your food decides to splatter and you look like a paint splattered canvas.
2 You have a piece of oregano stuck in your tooth. No one tells you so you look like a rapper with a black cap on your tooth.
3 You have spaghetti hanging from your mouth. Do you slurp or cut it off with your teeth and let it fall back in your plate. Either way it’s not looking good.
4 You bite into a slice of burning hot pizza and get mozzarella cheese stuck on the roof of your mouth.
5 You eat a cherry popsicle and your lips, teeth and tongue are bright red.
6 You are eating an ice cream cone on a hot day. It is melting so fast and you are doing everything within your power to eat it neatly. Unfortunately you are making a big mess out of your clothes and the sidewalk.
7 You go to a Japanese restaurant where they cook in front of you. You have glasses on and the chef insists on trying to throw it in your mouth. The first one goes down your shirt. The second one lands on your glasses like a bird hitting a window.
8 You are eating PB & J and jelly jumps out onto your shirt.
9 You take a bite out of your taco and everything falls out onto your plate.
10 Your meatball sandwich is delicious until you lose your poor meatball in your lap. Splat.

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