KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

Drinking coffee:

1 You go to take a sip and get 16 ounces all over you, the floor, and anything else in the area. All because the lid wasn’t on all the way.
2 You constantly have to warm your cup up because it gets cold every ten minutes.
3 Fresh brewed coffee makes you happy. You can smell it a block away and it smells delicious.
4 Your coffee is like a dessert with your special creamer and starbucks orders.
5 You sound like an auctioneer after drinking a big cup.
6 You want to talk? I can’t think before I’m done drinking coffee.
7 It was your turn to make the office coffee. You put so much that no one could sleep that night.
8 You waited to enjoy a cup of afternoon coffee. You are asked to do something at work and your coffee is cold when you get back to it.
9 You are sad to see your last sip since you savored every drop and want to keep going.
10 Ordering at Starbucks is a whole other language and intimidating. It’s like you stepped into another dimension when the barista asks tall, grande, venti? Want any pumps or shots? You just want coffee and are trying to figure out macchiato, latte, frappuccino, americano.

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