KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

Trouble waking up:

1 You feel like you just went to bed and are exhausted.
2 You are in some kind of trance and even a handsome prince won’t wake you up.
3 You tell yourself to go to bed earlier so that you don’t feel so tired. By the time night rolls around, you are up past midnight. It’s a vicious circle.
4 You hit the snooze button like you are on a game show.
5 You take a shower but it relaxes you instead of waking you up.
6 Your alarm never went off because you set the calculator instead of the alarm.
7 You sit on the edge of the bed looking comatose and try to convince yourself to get moving
8 If someone is waking you up you keep telling them five more minutes until they refuse to wake you up anymore.
9 You sleep so deep that you hope someone doesn’t mistake you for dead.
10 You say you want to wake up early to do something. When the time comes, you talk yourself right out of it.

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