KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

Taking a walk:

1 Someone lets their dog go outside without a leash and it decides to chase you when you walk by. Why does it have to be the biggest dog you ever saw in your life? Now you feel like dinner.
2 You are at the furthest part of your walk when it suddenly begins thunder and lightning. Hide! But where? Nevermind. Run!
3 You step in bubble gum and are silently cursing out the little kid who spit it out. Why you little!
4 Seems like you drag your toe because you trip on the bump in the sidewalk and look like a fool trying to regain your balance.
5 You are walking around in a place that you have never been to before. You think you have a good sense of direction until you take too many turns and have to use your phone to get back to your starting point.
6 You say hello to people as you pass them by and they don’t return the gesture. Rude!
7 You are trying to walk on the sidewalk but someone tried to be the third car in the driveway and took up the sidewalk. Now you are contemplating kicking the tires since they were too lazy to park in the street.
8 As if you aren’t entitled to some free time, you have a number of text messages when you get back that follow up with question marks??? Really! The last time I tried to text and walk, I almost flipped over the hood of a car, so NO.
9 It gets dark during your walk and you get creeped out by the creature noises. Suddenly the walk is spooky.
10 You feel like you walked through a spider web and have the heebie-jeebies. Eww. Now you are feeling everywhere while you are walking to make sure nothing is on you.

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