KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

Watching TV:

1 You are trying to listen and concentrate on the show or movie and people are having full-fledged conversations around you. Are we talking or watching tv? Make up your mind! Shhh.
2 They interrupt your live TV for something that you think isn’t even important. It was at the good part and you are hopping mad!
3 You recorded a show and it started late due to a sporting event going overtime. You had no idea and sit down to watch and are left hanging at the end.
4 The person you are watching with puts the volume so low that you may as well not watch it. When you ask them to turn it up, they go up 1. Oh, how generous of you. Still can’t hear.
5 Your husband can’t hear so good so the TV is always screaming loud. You think you have an unannounced guest and hide out upstairs. Is this person ever going to leave? You finally go downstairs only to find out it is the TV.
6 You are behind a few episodes and want to catch up. Xfinity tries to charge you to watch them. Are you kidding me? You don’t have enough of my money? Cable is like a car payment.
7 I have 400 channels and there is nothing good on. Who is in charge of programming? You’re fired!
8 You like commercials so that you can get up and go to the bathroom, get a snack, fold clothes, etc. Your husband doesn’t so he is watching four different shows and you are constantly watching parts of movies or shows.
9 The commercials are way too loud. You begin to snooze and the commercial scares the death out of you.
10 You haven’t moved in two days because you are binge-watching ten years of a show in one weekend.

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