KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog-


1 Someone flushes the toilet when you are in the shower and you are scalded.
2 You forget a towel and it is freezing outside of the shower door. There is no way you are getting out. You yell hoping someone will hear your desperate plea.
3 You get soap in your eye and are flailing your arms around because it hurts.
4 You slip on your shaving cream and are skating like the ice capades.
5 The hot water runs out during your shower and you feel like you just did the polar plunge,
6 You sing because the acoustics are out of this world and you feel like a superstar. Your family is in the bedroom rolling around laughing on the bed.
7 The dogs are barking like crazy and you have no idea what is going on. Your shower is interrupted and for all you know, you might have company downstairs.
8 You decide to clean the shower while you are in there. Your husband walks in and wonders what the hell you are doing.
9 You ponder and come up with the best idea ever. You want to run and tell someone but need to put some clothes on first.
10 You try to get romantic with your spouse. They stand under the showerhead and you are left in the cold shivering. Get out!

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