KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

When you are so cold:

1 The wind turns you into a frozen popsicle.
2 You went outside with wet hair and are convinced you now have icicles. You are afraid your hair will break off. 🥶
3 Your teeth are chattering and you can’t talk because the cold sends a jolt through your gums.
4 Your feet feel like frozen bricks and you no longer have toes.
5 Your butt feels like a solid rump roast.
6 Your nipples could cut glass.
7 You get a text but can’t move or feel your fingers to text back.
8 You need to thaw out in front of the fireplace to get your movement back🔥
9 You are hunched over to protect yourself from the wind 💨 and couldn’t stand up straight if you tried.
10 You start counting down the days til warmer weather ☀️ and are hostile toward people who say they like cold weather. 🎿

#blog #topten #funny #cold

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