KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

Forgetting you have a mask on:

1 You try and pop food in your mouth and it falls to the floor.
2 You try to give your puppies a kiss, and they don’t appreciate you coming at them with a mask on.
3 You try to lick an envelope. Good job dumb dumb. You successfully licked the inside of your mask.
4 You put lip gloss on and it’s smeared all over your face and mask.
5 You give people big smiles, only they can’t see them. What a waste.
6 You sneeze and it is as bad as cleaning a dirty diaper.
7 We mouth words to someone as if they can read lips through our mask.
8 We forget to talk a little louder so that we can be heard. Instead we sound like mumbles with a mouth full of rocks.
9 You eat something for lunch that doesn’t smell so great blowing back in your face all afternoon.
10 You can no longer let your draw drop to the floor when someone tells you something shocking.

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