KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

Using fancy words instead of plain English:

soiree – Who needs a fancy French word when everyone understands party.
charcuterie – Let’s chow down on some crackers, meat, and cheese instead of using a word no one knows how to pronounce.
plethora – This word sounds like a big lisp. A lot is much easier to say.
au pair – This one makes no sense. Sounds like you are getting two for one. Instead you are getting a teacher in exchange for room and board.
faux pas – Another French word. Just say you screwed up for wearing white after Labor Day.
conundrum – This word is stuffy. Houston we have a problem.
fiasco – Kind of sounds like a fiesta. Cluster *uck is a better word.
kibosh – You might see this one in a comic book. Put an end to it.
quid pro quo – This isn’t Silence of the Lambs. Tell me a secret and I will tell you one of mine.
wheelhouse – Who lives in a wheel? Just say comfort zone.

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