KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

When you forget deodorant:

1You wash up in the bathroom with soap, water and paper towels.
2 Instead of putting hand sanitizer on your hands, you are slapping it under your arms.
3 You search in the office kitchen for lemon juice then hold in your giant scream because you just shaved this morning and it stings.
4 You search for a first aid kit and grab the alcohol swabs because you are in a pinch.
5 Run out at lunch and buy another one before people start smelling hoagies.
6 You spray yourself with perfume but you must have sprayed too much because people are saying that they are getting a headache.
7 You improvise and use the air freshener in the bathroom to smell like a fresh bouquet.
8 You remember someone saying baking soda worked but now your shirt has powder all over it, and you look like you were baking a cake.
9 You try ice cubes or turn the air on. If you don’t sweat, you won’t smell.
10 Apple cider vinegar is on the kitchen counter. Hmmm. You dab some on but then smell like a salad for the rest of the day.

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