KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

Worst parts of sewing:

1 Why is the eye of the needle so small? The thread is going everywhere but in the hole.
2 You try to sew a button on a shirt and keep pricking your fingers with the needle. Ouch!
3 You decide to use the sewing machine to sew a quick hem. There are so many gadgets on the machine, you can’t figure out what goes in or out or up or down and around. Help!
4 You use the sewing machine pedal like a gas pedal and almost sew your fingers to the machine. You have to keep reminding yourself that you are not driving a car.
5 You sew the second pants leg on and realize your pants have one perfect leg and the other is inside out. Boy oh boy, hand me the seam ripper.
6 You hold some pins between your lips and scare the heck out of yourself when you think you swallowed one. Your heart skips a beat when you realize it fell on the floor.
7 Trying to follow the sewing pattern is a nightmare. Where are the directions? The paper keeps ripping and the fabric is so hard to cut. Now I know why people buy their clothes.
8 You forgot to put the claw thing down on the sewing machine. Now your fabric is all bunched up and stuck to the bottom plate. Why me?
9 You measure, cut, and sew the pattern but your finished product would only fit a Barbie doll! What a waste of time.
10 I can’t find my scissors and have to use my teeth to break the string. The dentist is going to yell at me again.

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