KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog-

Speaking in Public:

1 Everyone is staring at you, and you forget everything you were going to say.
2 Your voice is shaking as if someone is holding a gun and forcing you to speak. They may as well be since you have no interest to be standing in front of all of these people.
3 You are swaying back and forth like a zombie and sweating under your pits. Your heart is racing so fast that you have no idea if you will be alive at the end of your speech.
4 Why is it so important to stand up to address the crowd? It would be so much easier to sit on a stool so that you feel like you are among friends.
5 No one in the crowd is smiling. Geez, if you don’t entertain them, they may come after you.
6 You lose your train of thought as you are speaking and start to trip all over your words. You laugh at yourself but no one else does. Tough crowd; and they didn’t even pay admission.
7 You are finally on a roll and your professor asks you to slow down. Give me a break. You are a good sport so you start speaking again. This time he asks you to speak up. Hey if you think this is easy, why don’t you do it?
8 When you ask if there are any questions, everyone raises their hand. Don’t you realize it was rhetorical?
9 You feel like a total wreck when you are done speaking. You feel like you have been through a war. Shouldn’t you get paid for this?
10 Someone pull the fire alarm! Get me out of here.

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