KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

Signs you had enough quarantine time with your husband/wife:

1 You are using each other’s phrases and starting to dress alike. Creepy.
2 You finish each other’s sentences. Mindreader!
3 Their breathing is getting on your nerves. Why is it so loud?
4 The only alone time you get is when you use the bathroom. You consider hanging out in there a little more.
5 They have worn the same outfit for days. The very sight of them makes you mad. Smell ya later.
6 They haven’t showered or shaved for days. Excuse me. You might want to try a little harder to impress me. You are getting too comfortable.
7 Your spouse is eating everything in sight. Umm, this food is supposed to last for two weeks.
8 They say one word and you bite their head off. You temporarily lose your sanity.
9 When they wake you up in the middle of the night with loud snores, you want to smother them with your pillow. Just until the snoring stops.
10 You have turned into the Bickersons. Every conversation is a debate.

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