KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog


1 You hate it so much that you keep an ironing pile and only do it if someone specifically asks. Otherwise, in the trash you go, after the person forgets about it. Out of sight, out of mind.
2 Cranking up the heat and putting an iron shaped hole in your shirt. What a waste of time!
3 You are the world’s worst ironer. You take great care in ironing the front and back, yet your clothes have more wrinkles than when you began.
4 For some reason your husband’s $500 suit has shiny marks on it now. Someone is in big trouble. Wasn’t me.
5 You don’t own an ironing board and use whatever flat surface you can. I guess no one told you that wood floors, carpets, and plastic tables aren’t a good choice. If you were a superhero, you would be the scorcher.
6 You don’t pay close enough attention until the iron bumps into your skin. Wakeup call! Yowch!
7 You think you are a brainiac and try to straighten your hair with a regular iron. What ever were you thinking? Oh boy, you really don’t want to look in a mirror right now. Your hair is fried.
8 Your ironing board has a better chance of being used as a surfboard. More fun too!
9 You tell yourself that no one will notice if you don’t iron your clothes. Wrinkles are a fashion statement.
10 Some people say ironing relaxes them. You aren’t one of them. You need to sign up for anger management after ironing one item.

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