KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog


Thankful to eat with people who annoy the hell out of us any other day.
Happy to get a paid holiday to sit around and eat.
Anxious for everything to turn out perfect, especially the turkey. You don’t want to call out for pizza.
Not eating all day so that you can eat three meals all at once.
Keeping an eye on the football games while chit chatting with everyone.
Stuffing yourself into a food coma.
Getting to eat as much as you want and no one judges you for being a pig.
Invited because you are a great cook. No one invited you for your personality.
Variety of side dishes that cover the table. If you don’t like something then stay home next year.
Insisting that everyone take home leftovers otherwise you have to buy another fridge.
Napping after dinner like you have been drugged.
Going back to the table for dessert. There’s six pies and you want to taste them all. Hope you aren’t on a diet.

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