KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog


1 You can’t shut your brain off and it is running away with ideas.
2 You aren’t sure who you are supposed to be getting in touch with but are pretty sure it’s not working.
3 You are trying to figure out the appropriate time you can get up and call it a day. You don’t feel any different.
3 You are too energetic to relax and sit down.
4 You feel like you are wasting time and can hear it ticking away.
5 You are bored to death. How is this good for you?
6 Wouldn’t a nap be better? It seems like a napper would be considered a master meditator.
7 You decide to smoke pot to relax you even more. Now you are in a trance.
8 Your boss wrote you up because you decided to take a meditation break and ignored him when he asked you questions about work.
9 You lit some candles to add to your inner peace. You were so relaxed that everything burnt down around you.
10 It has become a full-time job because every time you feel stressed or have a confrontation, you drop everything and meditate.

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