KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

Cars and women:

1 Driving with your husband in the passenger seat is as unpleasant as when you took your driver’s test. He is just waiting to pounce on you if you make a mistake.
2 The man at the car dealership treats you as if you know nothing, even though you did your homework. He acts like you need permission from your daddy before making a purchase.
3 Repair shops skeeve us out and make us want to take a shower.
4 The mechanic makes up some fancy words about what is wrong with the car and you have no clue.
5 Every trip to the auto mechanic costs a fortune and you have no way of knowing what actually needs to be fixed.
6 There are too many gadgets. You aren’t flying an airplane for God’s sake.
7 Pumping your own gas is yucky when you are dressed up. Or when it’s cold. Or rainy. Or anytime.
8 You have a flat and open the trunk and look at the spare tire. You don’t know why you are looking because you don’t know how to change it but at least you found it.
9 We influence men in most car purchases yet some car salesmen ignore our presence and only talk to the man. Jokes on you. We are walking out.
10 We don’t want to know what goes on under the hood. As long as it works and it has a gas pedal and brake, we are fine.

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