KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog-

Snorkeling fails:

1 Hyperventilating because you are panic stricken when you spot a big fish. The fish won’t kill you but the snorkel will.
2 You want to explore but forget that you can only go so deep. Your snorkel tube goes under water and you are drinking the ocean.
3 You smile for an underwater pic and break your seal with the mouthpiece.
4 Your mask keeps fogging up. While everyone is oohing and aahing, you can’t see a thing.
5 You start choking on water and try to stand but find it hard to keep your balance because you feel like you have platypus feet with fins on.
6 You jump off a boat to go snorkeling and are intimidated when you see the shoreline further away than you would like.
7 You swim too close to coral and suddenly feel like you have been shanked. It catches you totally by surprise since you weren’t expecting to get cut.
8 You are enjoying the view and feel like you were stung by underwater wasps. Then you see the culprit is a jellyfish.
9 You use too much energy moving around instead of floating and start getting cramps and are tired before your group is done.
10 You are snorkeling with a buddy and they keep swimming away. What part of swim buddy don’t you get?

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