KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog


1 Someone is chasing you and you wake up exhausted. You should have at least lost some weight!
2 You argue with your mate and wake up mad even though you know it was a dream. You will be fine once he apologizes.
3 You are about to get in on with a hot guy and stupidly say, “I’m married.” Seriously!! Not in my dreams.
4 You wake up from a nightmare and when you fall back asleep, you pick up where you left off. Nooooo.
5 You work all day and then dream about work at night. C’mon. Enough is enough.
6 You wake up disoriented and need a minute to figure out if you are okay.
7 Your dreams are so vivid that you could write a novel when you wake up in the morning.
8 You are dreaming about swimming or rain and when you wake up, you realize how bad you have to go to the bathroom.
9 You throw a punch in your dream and when you wake up, your husband is holding his nose. Apparently, you throw a mean elbow in your sleep.
10 You dream that something is crawling on you. You wake up and it is only your husband trying to get frisky. You have a better chance of getting slapped in the forehead buddy.

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