KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog


1 You are telling your friend an interesting story and someone interrupts with something totally unrelated. You just can’t get the mojo back.
2 You gain the courage to tell your boyfriend something that you have been avoiding. You start to sweat and your hands are shaking. You feel like you are going to pass out and the doorbell rings. Literally, saved by the bell.
3 You are on the phone and your kid bothers you every two seconds no matter what threats you whisper to them. Somehow they understand your candy bribe and disappear once you give it to them.
4 You have an extreme bellyache with the sweats and are dying in peace in your bathroom until someone walks in without knocking. GET OUT!!
5 You are watching your favorite show and a big secret is about to be revealed. Too bad for you, the power went out. You can wait a little longer.
6 You have a moment for intimacy and completely lose yourself in the moment until you hear, “Mommy?” Kid, do you ever sleep?
7 You are dead tired and have a Saturday to sleep in a little later. Unfortunately, no one told the jackhammer outside.
8 You are taking a test and are distracted by someone talking out in the hallway and cannot concentrate.
9 Telling your doctor about your problem and they interrupt before you are finished because they are running behind. Hello?! Didn’t I come here for a reason. Don’t care?
10 The fire alarm goes off and you are forced to congregate outside even if you don’t have proper clothing. If this is a drill, why am I a frozen popsicle?

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