KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

How to go broke

1 Buying lottery tickets every week and never winning. By the time you retire, you have already contributed a million dollars that you will never see again. Adios!
2 Buying memberships that you never use and then forgetting all about them since they automatically come out of your account. You have sucker written all over your forehead.
3 Getting married again after the first time failed. How much support do you really want to pay? Pretty soon you will be living in a tent.
4 Getting hair done, eyebrows waxed, manicures and pedicures when you can’t afford food. Time to put a bowl on your head and cut around it and paint those nails yourself. Who cares if it looks like a kid did it!! You are saving money.
5 Having a ridiculous monthly car payment on a fancy sports car. Is it fancy enough to live in, because that’s where you are heading?
6 Using your credit cards like they are gift cards. You do know you have to pay it back, right. This isn’t a shopping spree.
7 You are addicted to betting and bet on the dumbest things for a quick buck. Even with a fifty-fifty chance, you don’t stand a chance. The only luck you have is not winning.
8 You live paycheck to paycheck with no savings. Something breaks in the house and you are screwed. Now you are living in an eyesore.
9 Continuously buying things that you can’t afford because you need them to have fun.
10 Quitting your job before you have another one. You can’t ignore your bills. They will not go away.

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