KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

Windy Days

1 Can freeze you out by making it feel so much colder than it is.
2 Can make you look like an idiot by blowing something out of your hand and make you run around the parking lot trying to get it.
3 You realize that you shouldn’t have bothered to style your hair.
4 You can’t see where you are going since the wind made you look like you are wearing your hair backward.
5 After a windy night you have to go on a scavenger hunt in the neighborhood for your outdoor cushions.
6 If it’s raining, your umbrella is going to blow inside out and break. You are better off throwing it away instead of struggling with it.
7 If you are on the beach, you are getting pelted with sand and are not a happy camper.
8 A plane ride feels more like extreme rides in an amusement park.
9 If you just raked leaves and they are in piles in the street, you just wasted your time.
10 You need a torch to light your cigarette because the wind keeps blowing it out.

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