KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

What you expect vs. reality

1 You order something online and the item arrives ten times smaller than the picture.
2 You book a room and when you get there it looks thirty years older than the picture and needs cleaning.
3 You look forward to a meal at a restaurant and it’s so bad your dog wouldn’t touch it.
4 You land a fancy job with a big salary. The problem is no one told you half of it goes to the government.
5 You ask for a raise and get it. You also have double the work which you definitely didn’t ask for.
6 Your date is the hottest guy you ever saw. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have half a brain so you can’t have much of a conversation.
7 You are convinced that this is the year that you are getting your engagement ring. You open it up and it’s a pair of earrings. Now you wish they were boxing gloves.
8 You have a family dinner to share the love and bring everyone together. Instead, everyone is hurling insults and not speaking by the time they go home. Great idea!
9 You order a dress that you saw on a model in a catalog. When you put it on you look like a stuffed sausage.
10 You order fast food and pull away. When you get home everything is a disaster and you are mad as hell.

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