KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog


1 You are telling a joke and have everyone’s attention only to forget the punch line.
2 Someone tells a joke and you don’t get it until the middle of the night and then start laughing.
3 You get mad when people don’t laugh at the joke and continue to tell it to change their response.
4 You speak in a monotone and just aren’t funny no matter what you say.
5 The person you are telling it to gets offended and you are no longer speaking.
6 The person listens attentively and when you get to the punch line, they say it before you do.
7 The person doesn’t know the subject matter of your joke so you have to go back and explain it in great detail and then tell the joke again. Somehow it isn’t funny anymore.
8 You tell the joke and no one laughs. Someone else tells it and the same people are rolling all over the floor.
9 Your audience stinks. After your joke, you hear crickets.
10 No one can relate to your joke. Awkward. Walk away!!!

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