KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog


1 Fall out dying laughter -You are watching tv and something funny happens to make you have an unplanned outburst of laughter. No one else has to be in the room with you.
2 Evil laugh – Your team wins at the last minute and you let out a tension laugh aimed at the losing team.
3 Forced courtesy laugh – someone said something that they thought was funny. You have to laugh out of obligation, but you can barely get it out.
4 Snorting laugh – something is so funny and you can’t breathe and laugh at the same time. The result is a snort that sounds like a snore.
5 Nervous laugh – You are in an awkward situation and the only thing you can think of doing is to laugh to fill the silence. By the looks you are getting, everyone thinks you are crazy..
6 A giggle – You overhear someone saying something ridiculous but don’t want to be too loud or they will hear you laugh.
7 A belly laugh – The contagious laugh that makes everyone else around you laugh. They even forget why they started laughing.
8 Cackler – You can identify their laugh as the loudest in the room. They sound like a chicken laying an egg.
9 Rich person laugh – It is very proper and sounds more like a melody. It is very sing-songy.
10 Hysterical laughter – increases in intensity the longer the laugh goes on. Sometimes makes your eyes tear.

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