KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog

Yard sale customers from hell:

1 They criticize your stuff. No one said you had to buy it. C’ya later.
2 People are impatiently waiting while you are setting up, and the sale doesn’t start for an hour. No loitering. Learn how to read a clock.
3 People switching tags or pocketing items. I can clearly see you!
4 They try to return stuff after they bought it “as is”. This isn’t a department store. All sales are final. You bought it, so it is all yours.
5 They rudely insist on paying a lower price and can buy it cheaper somewhere else. Don’t let the door hit you in the arse.
6 They haggle with you over prices. This isn’t Let’s Make A Deal. This is Buy It Or Get Lost.
7 They pay with a $100 bill. I have change for a $20. This isn’t a bank.
8 They ask for boxes and bags when their car is parked at the curb. Would you like that gift wrapped too?
9 They want to use your restroom. Only if you buy the rest of my stuff. Otherwise NO.
10 They try to swindle your kid when they take over while you take a quick break. Luckily your kid takes after you.

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