KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog

Thoughts running through my head as I wait on hold for an hour:

1 Is this a game of endurance to see who will hang up first? I’m a stubborn mule so it won’t be me.
2 Is the horrific music so that I can choke myself out before you answer? Give me something I can sing along to instead of “Titantic push Jack under the water” music.
3 If you disconnect me now, I will beat the phone against my desk and break everything in the room.
4 Everyone must have called out and the one person left is taking their good old time.
5 Did someone go out to lunch and not let me know?
6 If I hang up now, I invested too much time and might have to wait even longer next time.
7 Maybe if I jump in my car I can get to their office to watch the surprise on their face to see me in person.
8 They must be working from home and are keeping me on hold while they are taking a shower, drinking coffee, and eating breakfast. HELLO?!
9 There is no way this person can be that busy. I think they fell asleep. Wake up!!!
10 They are probably asking Siri or Alexa how to do it because they are totally clueless. I think maybe this career isn’t for you.

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