KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog

Why you hold onto clothes instead of getting rid of them:

1 You are saving a specific outfit for when you paint. (Really, the last time you painted was 7 years ago)
2 You want to save your size 2 jeans in case you lose weight. They are your inspiration. (Honey, hate to break it to you but you haven’t seen size 2 since high school.)
3 It still has a tag on it and you haven’t worn it. (If you really loved it that tag would have been off a long time ago. You aren’t going to change your mind anytime soon)
4 You don’t feel right in that sexy shirt you bought but you are going to hold onto it just in case. (Um why? You aren’t going to feel right in it a year from now if it isn’t right now)
5 You have a bunch of long sundresses for a cruise and are saving them for your next cruise which may not happen for ten years. (By then you will want new dresses. Let them go!)
6 Someone gave it to you as a gift and you feel bad to get rid of it. (Let them see you wear it once and if you really don’t like it, get rid of it)
7 You love to wear a certain ridiculous looking outfit when you are not leaving the house or seeing anyone. (Ditch them because if someone does come to the door, you are going to die of embarrassment. Find something else comfortable to wear.)
8 They hold sentimental value of good memories. (Take a picture next time. They last longer.)
9 It might come back into style. (Yea maybe 20 years from now. The trash can is that way.)
10 It’s in perfectly good condition so there is no reason to ditch it. (Just because it is in good condition doesn’t mean it looks good.)

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