KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog

Why people feel the need to fill the silence:

1 Anything is better than the sound of nothing. It drives us crazy.
2 We begin to think of reasons why the person isn’t talking to us.
3 We become so nervous that we have no clue that we are babbling away.
4 Some people love to talk and don’t actually need another person to have a conversation. They can handle both sides.
5 We need to know what the other person is thinking. It is like cracking a code.
6 We feel like we failed as a social butterfly.
7 We feel bad because we mistakenly think the other person is stuck in their shell and we are just the person to get them out.
8 They are usually the life of the party so if the other person doesn’t want to engage with them, they will lose their title.
9 Silence is an abyss and we accept the challenge to fill it.
10 If we aren’t talking with someone then we are all alone with our thoughts and issues. Oh no! It’s so much easier to be entertaining.#blog #top10 #funny #silence

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