KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog-

Things we hate to wait for:

1 When you have to pee and you can feel your eyeballs floating.
2 When you are waiting to get a medical or dental procedure done and you are nervous. Waiting makes you change your mind a million times and run for the door.
3 When you are waiting on someone to pick you up and you look out the window 100 times and pace back and forth.
4 When you are waiting to find out if a company is going to hire you. They tell you the day they will be calling and you stare at the phone willing it to ring.
5 When you take a pregnancy test and walk out of the bathroom until it is ready. Your entire fate is up in the air and depends on a plus or minus sign.
6 Our paychecks, especially when we spent our check the day we received it.
7 Talking to someone at the cable company. They just want you to hang up so that you can’t complain about your bill.
8 Waiting for water to boil when you are starving. It’s like time is standing still and you don’t see one bubble.
9 A movie to start at the movie theater. You feel like you already watched a movie with all of the previews.
10 Waiting for the new season of your favorite show to start. So many months have passed that you can no longer remember how it ended.

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