KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog

When honking your horn is annoying:

1 When you don’t want to give someone a few seconds to make sure no other cars are coming through the intersection. I’m sorry are you in a rush?
2 When you incessantly honk for your kid to get the groceries while you sit in the car. How about you get out of the car and carry them in yourself?
3 When you are trying to get to someone’s house and take 2 seconds to look at the street sign to see if it is where you turn. Give me a break.
4 When you let someone in front of you and the person behind you doesn’t like it. You are about to get brake checked.
5 When I am trying to sleep and you are trying to get your friend to come outside. Did you ever hear of a doorbell or a text message?
6 When we are sitting in traffic because two lanes are merging and you are salty that I was able to maneuver my way into the space that you didn’t want to give me. Crybaby.
7 When I am trying to parallel park and you are stuck behind me for an extra 30 seconds. OMG it is the end of the world!
8 When someone is making a left at the light and there is no turning lane and you are mad. Too bad! Do you expect them to go a different way to make you happy?
9 Honking at the geese crossing the road. It won’t make them move any faster. You may as well get comfortable.
10 When you are behind a driving school car and a nervous kid is behind the wheel. Suck it up ya big bully.

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