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The Worst Thing About Braces:

1 It feels like you have a barbed wire fence in your mouth.
2 You saw the orthodontist put the spacers in your mouth. They were tiny but now they feel like popcorn kernels are stuck between your teeth.
3 It is suggested to eat soft foods in the beginning. If you try to bite into anything, it feels like your teeth are fractured and about to fall out of your face.
4 The rubber bands are brutal. They are so difficult to get around the hooks. When they snap, it hurts like a mother.
5 You wake up with your cheek stuck to the wire that goes through your braces. Now you have to pry the inside of your cheek off of the wire. The inside of your mouth is a mess.
6 You try and show your friends that you can still chew gum while wearing braces. The bubble pops and the gum is stuck everywhere.
7 All of a sudden you are lisping when you talk. Oh my God! What is going on?
8 You break a wire. The orthodontist said to call if one ever broke and that it would not be a problem. Now you are there and you have to go through the inquisition. It seems like it is a problem.
9 Every time you get your wires tightened, you feel like your dentist’s goal in life is to torture you. You can’t sleep because your mouth is throbbing and your teeth feel broken. OUCH.
10 You have been counting down since the day your braces were put on. The dentist must be confused because he keeps adding time.

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