KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog


1 Put your makeup away. You are wearing a mask and only need to do your eyes since the rest is covered.
2 Don’t try and figure out your expenses this year because they are all messed up. You spent more money on food, alcohol, and luxuries around the house since you couldn’t go anywhere. Your vacation fund is nonexistent.
3 First covid and then the threat of Asian murder hornets. Bring it on. Now we will have to buy beekeeper’s clothes to go with our mask. There will be no need for a clothes budget.
4 This year had the most destructive fire season on the west coast and Australia. The sun disappeared and the sky turned gloomy. Just when you think the end of the world is coming, something worse happens.
5 Prince Harry quit the royal family and they think he lost his marbles because he wants to live a normal life. He may have opened the door for people to resign from their families.
6 The country shut down and we get $1,200 checks and nowhere to spend it.
7 Sports and concerts were canceled. We were left to entertain ourselves and use our imaginations.
8 Stores ran out of toilet paper. How many rolls do you need people? Are we going to have to ration you to 1 square?
9 Parents are under extreme stress trying to homeschool their kids. When the work becomes too difficult to teach, recess becomes longer.
10 Election 2020 is a shit show. We have an egotistical maniac and a guy who forgets which position he is running for. Does anyone out there want to run before it is too late? Anyone?

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