KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog

Things I have learned from my dogs:

1 Belly rub! – You always have time for some love. Your dog feels better and it melts your stress away too.
2 Mommy’s home! – Someone is always glad to see me and makes me feel special.
3 Wiggle butt and tap dance! – If I even reach for the treat bag, they are both so happy. They teach you to appreciate the little things in life.
4 Go for a ride? – They have no idea where they are going but are always game for an adventure. They help me lower my expectations and enjoy the moment.
5 Fresh water? – They love to drink their water and remind me to go drink mine.
6 Wake up! – I don’t need an alarm. They jump on the bed and give me kisses until I wake up.
7 Pet me mommy! – They reach for my hand with their paw to let me know they want love. Communication is key.
8 Go outside? – They do the pee-pee dance by the door and look back and forth from me to the door to let me know it is time. It’s like playing charades.
9 Go to bed? – They show you how nice it is to relax once in a while. A nap never looked so good.
10 Ball, ball, ball – The best one is how playtime is fun for everyone. They make you feel like a little kid again and appreciate simple pleasures.

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