KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog-

Things that scare me:

1 A car backfiring is alarming and makes me jump for cover while losing a few years off of my life.
2 When a door slams and you are the only one in the house. See ya later! You ghosts have fun while I’m gone. I’m gonna call Ghostbusters!
3 When I’m just about to doze off and the dog barks. Must be the grim reaper.
4 Thunder makes me tremble! I don’t care how old I am. It is terrifying at night.
5 Locusts calling to each other in the night when I am outside. My imagination gets the best of me and all of a sudden it is two dinosaurs calling out to each other and closing in on me.
6 Hearing someone call my name and there is not a soul in sight. I don’t have time for hocus pocus.
7 I never heard a fox’s blood-curdling scream until I moved to Delaware. It sounds like some kind of demon.
8 When you hear someone at the door and begrudgingly get up and it’s only the invisible man instead of my mummy.
9 Having a bug crawl on me is game over. Now every little thing, including a hair falling out of my head is going to make me freak out. Jeepers creepers.
10 Watching scary movies in the dark. Sometimes that person jumping out can make me scream and have nightmares.

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