KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog-

guys who shouldn’t buy pickup trucks:

1 If you aren’t full size and need a ladder to get in it.
2 You don’t have muscles big enough to unload the cargo in the bed.
3 If you are afraid to get it dirty a truck is not for you.
4 The truck gives them false security and the power to run us off the road. You do realize the truck isn’t gonna take a punch for you.
5 If you don’t have enough bass in your voice, you won’t be able to handle the power of a hemi.
6 If your eyeball is level with the gas tank, wait a few more years.
7 If you don’t know how to change your oil or are mechanically impaired, a hot wheels car is better for you.
8 You are under the false impression that a pickup helps you with the ladies. Poor baby.
9 If you never worked hard a day in your life and have no callouses to prove it.
10 You bought it as a work truck but were born with a silver spoon instead of a blue-collar.

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