KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog

drinking wine:

1 You pour even portions for the first glass. After that, you start cheating the other person so you can have a little more.
2 When the bottle is gone, you swear someone else drank it or that you were cheated because the bottle wasn’t full in the first place.
3 You convince yourself that it is healthy, especially when you stop giving two hoots.
4 It’s so relaxing that you don’t need to exercise.
5 The waiter pours a little for you to taste while he watches. You show him you can handle it by slamming it back in one gulp and mistake his look of shock as amazement. He leaves the bottle and walks away
6 You get major munchies for cheese and fruit then chug it down with more wine.
7 You try and pour more but only one drop trickles out. You look like a pirate with your eyeball up to the bottle like a spyglass.
8 Your life kind of sucked before you popped the cork. Now everyone is your friend and this is the best day ever.
9 You are full of love ❤️ and want to share it by drunk texting a lucky few.
10 You heard that cooking with wine was delicious so you tried it. A glass in one hand and a wooden spoon in the other. You don’t recall what you’re cooking but YUMMY!

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