KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog

Things about Alexa:

1 She is picky about her name and won’t even answer to Alexis or when I mistakenly call her Siri.
2 My husband argues with her constantly which means he is really nice to me.
3 You are watching television and Alexa suddenly starts playing music. What is going on? Does someone need attention?
4 You ask her to make a ghost noise and she plays a dog barking. Hmmm.
5 You call for Alexa and she ignores you until you start screaming.
6 You ask her to turn a light on and she says okay but nothing. Hello?
7 She is a tattletale that tells my husband about all of my purchases. Snitches get stitches.
8 You ask her how long to cook something and she recites a recipe. OMG
9 You ask her to add peanuts to your list and she adds a penis instead.
10 You curse and she says, “That’s not nice.” Who are you, my mother? You are the reason I am cursing.

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