KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog-

When dad is in charge:

1 He lets the kids eat dessert for dinner.
2 He falls asleep while watching the kids. You get home and the kids are taking care of him.
3 The kids can wear whatever they want, even if it doesn’t match or fit.
4 If a kid falls asleep that becomes their bed until they wake up.
5 He makes it look fun by enjoying some beers at the same time.
6 He calls his mother for some reinforcement.
7 He takes them to the playground and acts like he is overwhelmed so that the other moms come to the rescue.
8 They give the kids controllers with no batteries so that they think they are actually playing video games.
9 The kids ask dad for all the things mom said no to and dad says YES!
10 He lets the kids go wild and have fun while eating candy and then lets mom put them to bed.

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