KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog

When you can’t get up in the morning:

1 You hit the snooze so much that you feel like a game show contestant buzzing in for the answer.
2 You act like ten more minutes of sleep is going to make a world of difference.
3 You sacrifice a shower for extra sleep. You are under the impression that you look fine without one. When you see yourself in the mirror at work you realize you were dead wrong. Bless your heart.
4 You feel like a vampire when you see light and have to dive under the covers for safety.
5 You have to sit up for ten minutes before even thinking about putting your feet on the floor. You look like you are in a trance.
6 You get angry because the sun isn’t even awake yet.
7 You have been awake 1 minute and can’t stop thinking about sleeping tonight.
8 You feel like you are going to strangle the first person who talks to you all chipper.
9 You tell yourself that the thing you were getting up for can wait until later.
10 You convince yourself that there is no way it is time to get up already. You feel like you just fell asleep!

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