KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog-

You Might Need Glasses If:

1 You have to sit on top of the eye chart to read it
2 You try to make a phone call with the remote
3 You keep missing your turn when driving because you can’t read the signs
4 You have trouble holding a conversation at a party because you can’t tell people apart
5 You panic and think your dog ran away because you can’t see him at night in the backyard.
6 You are constantly asked how many fingers people are holding up
7 You talk to a coat tree thinking it is a person
8 You go to pick up the toy that dropped on the floor but it’s really a mouse
9 You apply eye makeup and people are scared when they see you. You look like a haunted house employee
10 You thought you bought paper plates at the grocery store and find out they were tortillas when you get them home

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