KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog

You might not be cut out for yoga if:

1 You fall asleep while stretching on your mat
2 You are disappointed the mats aren’t Twister mats
3 You can’t do downward dog without tooting
4 You get suffocated by your boobs when you bend over
5 You moan loudly every time you change a pose
6 You are sweating so bad in hot yoga that you slip in your sweat
7 Your body cramps up and you can’t get out of position
8 You are told to grab your leg behind you and lean forward. You wake up after class with a concussion.
9 Instead of finding inner peace, you curse like a sailor and become really pissed off.
10 The entire time you are in class you are devising an escape plan

#Top10 #Yoga #funny #blog

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