KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog

Problems with texting:

1 If the person doesn’t use spell check or reread their text, you have to decipher what they are trying to say. It is like talking in tongues.
2 You text a paragraph to someone about something and pour your heart out. You anxiously await their response and get k. Wow, we are no longer friends.
3 You can’t read emotion. A text should read like a script. (Standing with her hands on her hips) Are you serious? (sticking up the middle finger to the phone and stringing a line of curses) You better come up with a better excuse than that! (His clothes are scattered on the front lawn)
4 The person has time to think about how they want to answer you back. There is no face to face where you can read their face and body language.
5 You tend to text the person you are trying to vent about instead of the person you want to vent to.
6 You can’t tell if you have hurt someone’s feelings. You need to squirm.
7 It’s easier to ignore people by not opening their texts and lamely pretending that you didn’t get it. You aren’t fooling anyone.
8 It’s hard to visit with someone who can’t take their eyes off of their phone. You almost feel like you need to leave the room.
9 You find yourself getting angry when people don’t answer you in a certain amount of time. You take it personally and turn the conversation into an argument. The poor person you were texting phone died and they are going to get hit with a bunch of aggressive messages when their phone turns back on.
10 Punctuation can change the whole meaning of a text. “I’m sorry. I love you so much.” compared to “I’m sorry I love you so much.” Oh boy.

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