KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog-

No common sense:

1 Pulling out in front of someone when there are no cars for miles behind them. Someone is looking for a beating.
2 Someone who obviously didn’t wash their hands in the bathroom and comes out trying to put their paws all over you. Ewww, get away!!
3 When someone blocks you in a parking lot because there were no more spots. They made their own parking space then fell off the face of the earth. Now what genius? Bumper cars anyone?
4 Seeing a bunch of people waiting in line and jumping to the front like you are a VIP. You are more like a donkey. What did you think all of those people were doing? Waiting for a bus?
5 Someone sitting right on top of you when there are plenty of empty seats around you. Quick, start coughing.
6 Eating something in the fridge that you know someone else was looking forward to but not caring. Really? Game on stupid.
7 Borrowing someone’s car and not filling it up with gas. They get ready to go to work and there are only fumes left.
8 Asking a woman if she is pregnant without having a clue. Thanks, buddy. I am still trying to lose my baby weight from the birth of my son. He is 20.
9 Telling secrets about people as if you are in a soundproof room. I can hear you! You may want to work on your whispering skills.
10 Texting while walking through a parking lot without paying attention to your surroundings. Don’t be surprised if you land on the hood of someone’s car or under the tires.

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