KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog

You Might Be a Bad Driver if:

1 The cars on the street where you just parallel parked looks like a demolition derby
2 You make your turns on two wheels
3 When the light turns green, you take off like a bat out of hell and drive like you are in a drag race
4 You put your makeup on and eat breakfast while you are driving
5 Your bumpers are rainbow-colored from hitting other cars
6 Everyone else offers to drive when you go out. You think you have the nicest friends when in reality, they pray that they get back in one piece when you drive.
7 Your navigation says to stop in 500 feet to let it out
8 Your mirror is hanging off your car. That’s ok. You only needed one anyway.
9 Your passenger is putting on their fake brakes and holding on for dear life
10 You drive the wrong way down a one-way street and curse everyone else out for going the wrong way

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