KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog

Hair dye mishaps:

1 You throw some blonde highlights in your dark hair and look like a bengal tiger.
2 There is more dye on the floor, sink, and your shirt than on your head.
3 Not only did you dye your hair but your ears and side of your face match too.
4 You try to dye your brows. Either they fall out or you look like a theatrical nightmare.
5 Your scalp has an allergic reaction to the dye. Yikes!
6 You leave it in too long and you look like the mistress of darkness.
7 Your hair is long and one box isn’t gonna do it. Everyone in the store is looking at the crazy lady who ran in like a bat out of hell with dye in her hair.
8 You close yourself in the bathroom with all the windows closed breathing in nasty fumes. You are killing brain cells by the second.
9 You put so much bleach in your hair and it is dried out. You are surprised when a horse mistakes your hair for hay.
10 You think you are a chemist and mix two boxes of color together. Give your hair a break. It’s not a science project.

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